A plea for help...


A letter I wrote asking for help to those who might succeed better than I have

Good Morning

I have attached a few links below. There are thousands of articles, news releases, etc on the internet.

I started my efforts in 2010 by reaching out to Monica Elliot and the Division of Plant Industry. At that time I feel I could of eradicated the disease if there was "FUNDING". I was told there was not available unless it infected our State Tree the Sabal. Since that time 100's of thousands of the Sabals "Tree of Life" have died from Lethal Bronzing. To date still no funding. What happens if the Sabals get wiped out in the wetlands? Lack of water supply for Florida's booming economy?

Tourism is the states number one revenue. Tourist come to Florida to see palm trees. This disease lines all our major interstates, commercial landscapes, as well as residential homes. DOT was funded to plant these trees.. where did that money come from? The losses of Coconuts and other species in South Florida in the 70's totally changed the Florida Landscape.

In 1974 the Division of Plant industry provided assistance for LY, why not Lethal Bronzing now? There is no mention of Lethal Bronzing on the Bureau of Pest Eradication and Control. OTC injections have already been proven to work why aren't local and State goverments using them? There is currently no program in place to identify and remove. I cannot find one quarantined nursery there should be hundreds. Lack of funding?

How many millions soon to be billions of dollars in losses does it take to be considered an Emergency Epidemic? Declare it a Natural Disaster? Are there any programs out there currently for assistance?

Please help me to SAVE OUR PALMS and the Florida's Ecosystem.