Arbor Jet sells a multitude of different products for palms, hardwoods, and more. They also offer three different injection kits at different price points to accommodate each individual's need. In addition to the preventative OTC, Arbor Jet also supplies inject-able pesticides and other nutrients for trees to provide further protection from LB.

While a four-stage injection process is recommended for most palm varieties. Tree Saver supplies an affordable injection kit and OTC (Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride), used to prevent the phytoplasm from infecting palm trees.

What you can do


For now the best plan of action in combating this disease is to inject your palms with preventative measures

We recommend the four following solutions to best protect your palms and your investment

#1 Arbor OTC, Oxytetracycline chloride is an antibiotic that prevents Lethal Bronzing from infecting palms trees

#2 IMA-jet, an injectable pesticide to keep leaf hoppers and other insects away

#3 PHOSPHO-jet, a systemic fungicide and plant resistance activator

#4 PALM-jet, nutrition for your palms specially formulated to iron and manganese deficiencies

OTC and PALM-jet can be adminsitered with a regular applicators license. 

IMA-jet and PHOSPHO-jet require Pesticide applicators license.