5 Things you need to do to survive Lethal Bronzing


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

-Albert Einstein

We have been protecting our own trees for years...

Now we are reaching out to extend that protection to all susceptible trees whether we shipped them or not.

If you utilize our services or not, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

We will gladly share our knowledge and experience so you can educate your employees and customers


Buy your palms from reputable sources,



Perform a comprehensive site evaluation of your jobs and palms, then remove all sick palms and replace with healthy, treated palms! 


Protect the investment in your palms and do your part to eradicate this disease from Florida,


your susceptible palms!

OTC, Imidacloprid, Phosphorous, and Nutrition

Call for information and/or pricing! 


Good Housekeeping will go a long way in protecting your palms. Lethal Bronzing is spread by a leaf hopper, that can travel within sod.

Utilize diatomaceous earth and rock, weedmat, or bark mulch around trunks of trees, treat your grass, and spray for insects! 


Call us for more information on what you can do or purchase Sunscape's injection and warranty program from Lethal Bronzing!

We'll even warranty your existing trees whether you got them from us or not!

We're offering complete job site coverage for all susceptible palms!!!

And we're not just talking Sylvesters...

We said it after Irma, with our "Hurricane Proof" email and again now...

Canaries are still King!

Tracie believes the characteristics that make Canary Island Date palms a stronger palm than other options also help with its resistance to Lethal Bronzing. After Hurricane Andrew and even after Irma, Canaries were standing tall among many other fallen types of palms

But ALL of our palms are guaranteed to be shipped Lethal Bronzing Free, it is your duty to keep them that way or hire us to, to protect Florida

We offer treatment and injection of Medjools too!

A special thanks to:

Brian Bahder

Monica Elliot


IFAS and

The Division of Plant Industry

For all you have done behind the scenes and in front to help us all work towards overcoming Lethal Bronzing

Peace of mind is cheaper than you think!

-Buy HEALTHY palms from REPUTABLE sources

-Comprehensive Site Evaluation and Removals


-Pest Control


Call or email Tracie NOW!!!