Injection rates for Lethal Bronzing Defense


The following rates were developed specifically for Sylvesters. Palms with larger or smaller trunks should use adjusted rates.

Keep in mind:

Palms with multiple trunks will need OTC injections on each trunk.

If you are using the recommended 4 stage injections, you may need to drill multiple holes. 

ImaJet, PhosophoJet, and PalmJet are only necessary once per year.

It will be more difficult to inject all chemicals during the rainy season as palms will be saturated. If possible plan your annual injection during dry months.

OTC - Varies between Arborjet and Tree Saver. If you use Tree Saver and follow mixing directions it is about 5-6ml (quarterly).

ImaJet - 15ml (annual)

PhosphoJet - 10ml (annual)

PalmJet - 10ml (annual)