Kill the bugs! Do your part!!!


For years we have been known as Collectors with a conscience, and now...
Collectors With a Mission!!!

Our last email was the most opened email we have ever sent!
I cannot say how happy I am about that and all of your questions, we are so glad that people are taking an interest in learning about how to help and what we all can do to eradicate lethal bronzing.
It is recommended that you inject each tree with 4 different solutions1st - OTC (Oxytetracycline Chloride) to prevent LBD2nd - Imidacloprid to keep the biting leaf hoppers away3rd - Phosphorous acid a systemic fungicide and resistance activator4th - Nutrition
Besides injecting, there is more we can do.

Focusing on "KILLING THE BUGS" is a priority along with removing all infected and dead trees
Still have your injection kits from White Fly? You can use that for Lethal Bronzing!!!
One of the things you should be injecting is IMA-jet,it is an injectable pesticide, Imidacloprid.´╗┐Rather than spraying your trees, you can inject them once a year when you do one of your OTC injections.
In addition, as mentioned last week, you can utilize diamotaceous earth, bark mulch, weed mat, and many other options we already use to keep grass and weeds away from the bases of your palms.
We are still adding more info, be sure to
Possible vectors...It is not too late... YET! 

Remember, we are here to help and TOGETHER, WE can overcome Lethal Bronzing before it is too late!
Call or email if you have any questions´╗┐ call 813-855-2121 or email