Offering a 5 year warranty on phoenix palms!


That's right! Up to a 5 year warranty on any Phoenix

Against Lethal Bronzing (formerly known as TPPD)

We have been doing everything we can to protect our own trees

Now we are reaching out to extend that protection to all susceptible trees whether we shipped them or not.

No sick trees here, let us help you protect the money you have invested in your jobs with our Comprehensive Site Evaluation and Maintenance/Injection program

Tracie refuses to lay down and let Lethal Bronzing continue its way cross the state

Purchase any new Phoenix from us and get up to a 5 year warranty with our injection program

We'll even warranty your existing trees whether you got them from us or not!

We're offering complete job site coverage for all susceptible palms!!!

And we're not just talking Sylvesters...

We said it after Irma, with our "Hurricane Proof" email and again now...

Canaries are still King!

I won't go as far to say "Lethal Bronzing Proof" but there seems to be a lot less Canaries falling to Lethal Bronzing, but even specimen palms like Canaries, not grown in mass in fields should still be treated and injected

We offer treatment and injection of Medjools too!

We know you have questions...

Peace of mind is cheaper than you think!

Call or email Tracie NOW!!!