Quarantine and Regulations


SUBJECT: Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD) Quarantine and Regulations


Nurseries with positive TPPD finds shall be placed under Hold Order and Quarantine.

For a Hold Order and Quarantine to be lifted:

  • Infected palms must be removed AND
  • No additional positive TPPD finds within a 90-day period from time of infected palm removal.


Materials regulated: All Phoenix spp. palms, Syagrus romanzoffiana and Sabal palmetto

Each shipment must be accompanied by a State Phytosanitary Certificate, with the Additional Declaration:

"Meets Texas Phoenix Palm Decline Requirements of Louisiana"

Additional Restrictions:

  • All host and non-host palms require a State Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Regulated palms must be grown at the nursery for at least six months
  • Regulated palms located within one mile of an active case of TPPD during the past six months are prohibited



Materials regulated: Phoenix canariensis, Phoenix sylvestris, Syagrus romanzoffiana, Sabal palmetto and Phoenix dactylifera

Each shipment must be accompanied by a State Phytosanitary Certificate

Additional Restrictions:

  • Quarantined palms located within two miles of a known infected tree are prohibited
  • Regulated palms must be under a prescribed pest management program for six weeks prior to shipment which must include routine treatments for leafhoppers and whiteflies and a final treatment must be witnessed and included on the certificate.